Our Vision & Mission

West Michigan Broadband is a locally owned high-speed Internet service provider for rural areas in West Michigan.  It's local people serving local people.  Living in the country ourselves, we understand the importance of reaching underserved areas.  We know first hand the importance of consistent, reliable service.  It was out of our own need for high speed internet in an under served community that our vision came into existence.  Our passion is to provide fast, reliable internet for families and individuals at an affordable price. 

We are committed to YOU. From our proprietary deployment practices to our customer care service, we make you a priority.  West Michigan Brodband does not require long term contracts, nor do we limit your downloads.  You can surf as much as you like!


West Michigan Broadband is unparalleled in its reach within harder to serve areas.  It is our goal to reach our community with speeds that exceed cable type connections. We are expanding our fiber optic network at a very aggressive rate in order to serve the community with unprecedented service.

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Local people serving local people

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Open Hours: M-F 9am-5pm

OFFICE: 231-924-7000

TEXT: 231-403-1553


6309 Wallis St. 

Fremont, MI 49412

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