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Fiber optic is a cable that we run underground to your home.  For our wireless service, we put up a small radio on your home to get the service to your location.  Each service has its pro's and con's.  Some areas we are only able to offer one or the other depending on your location and our network.  Inquiry to see what we can offer you!

What is the difference between Fiber Optic service and Wireless?

All our monthly plans for both fiber and wireless service are defined by different speeds.  The higher the plan, the faster it will be for you!  All of the plans are unlimited data, so use them as much as you'd like with out experiencing data caps. 

How do the monthly plans differ?

Fiber optic cable is the fastest and most stable method of deploying very high speed data over the internet. Fiber optic cable is a extremely fine thread of glass about the size of one strand of hair.  Optical lasers send data through the glass at the speed of light.  Fiber optic cable connects continents and countries together.  It also allows homes, businesses, government agencies, and hospitals all over the world to share data instantly.

What is Fiber Optic Cable?

By far, fiber is the most stable and consistent method of deploying high speed Internet.  Fiber architecture is the delivery method of the future and, by far, every other method of receiving high speed Internet pales in comparison. 

Wireless, satellite, DSL and even cellular hotspots are much slower.  Wireless is vulnerable to frequency interference, leaves on trees, and simply does not transport data packets like fiber.  

Why is WMBB wanting to provide fiber to your home?

A strand of fiber is a very small strand of glass… about the size of one strand of hair.  Light is sent from lasers through the fiber.  The light carries the data and transports it at the speed of light.  The result is a very fast Internet experience that is not affected by weather or other terrestrial interferences.

Why is Fiber so reliable?

Fiber optic installations start in 3 phases.  Once we receive our Fiber Mapping Form from you, we start the process.  Phase 1 is where we run the fiber optic line from the road back to your home.  Phase 2 is where our splicing technician gets the line active.  Phase 3 is where we get the inside portion set up in your home.  You do not have to be home for Phase 1 & 2.  We will schedule an appointment for Phase 3 with you once the line is ready.  Sometimes the phases will happen within 1 day, but the majority of the time it is a several day process.  

What is the process to get Fiber to my home?

Telecom Worker Climbing Antenna Tower wi

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