All plans are UNLIMITED data & no contract!

Monthly Plans



Speed: 5 Mbps down / 1 up


Good for a small family with only a few devices at a time.



Speed: 10 Mbps down / 2 up

For the larger families and heavy users that like to steam a lot of their favorite shows and play some online games.



Speed: 15 Mbps down / 3 up 

This plan is for the families that play a lot of online games, stream videos with multiple devices at once.


Senior - $5 OFF
Military/Law Enforcement - $10 OFF

*Not all plans are available at all locations. Some locations will not have the ideal range or line of sight for the Advanced and Pro plans. Please ask one of our technicians for details.

*Only one discount may be used at a time. 


Business Options

Getting Set Up:


As a guideline, a standard installation includes mounting WMBB's radio on a tripod, J-arm, or pole. It also includes about 30-40 foot of cable and a connection to one computer or router.  We provide everything except the wireless router.  If you have questions on where to purchase a wireless router, we would be happy to help!

CUSTOM INSTALLATION- Technician will provide custom quote

This could include, 2 and 3 story homes, fishing cable through a wall or crawl space and excessive trenching, extending services to barn or alternate location etc. 

Business Options:

If you own a business, you may want to consider signing up for our BUSINESS PLAN. 


The plan will provide... 

  • 'Priority Status' should an issue arise with your service.

  • Weekend Priority Status, which ensures should an issue arise on the weekend that a technician will look into the issue and make every effort possible to find a solution.

  • Faster Upload Speeds.

Additional $20/month

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